Expect Privacy
in your DAO

Syncra is a next-generation DAO platform.
Build your company with a world-leading, no-code solution on Dotsama ecosystem.

Launching a DAO has never been easier

Using cutting-edge technology, we provide a seamless system to create, and manage your organization within minutes. Decide, together, about the future of your unicorn.

No more development for creating DAO

Create a unique DAO with Syncra. DAO completely suited to your needs.

DAO management

Easily create and manage your decentralized autonomous organization.

Treasury management

Effectively manage your organization's financial resources.

Custom strategies

Choose from a range of predefined strategies or create your own.

Undisclosed voting

Ensure privacy and confidentiality during the voting process.

Off/on-chain voting

Participate in voting processes securely and transparently.

Modular apporach

Tailor the platform to suit the specific needs of your community.


Access a comprehensive toolkit for developing and customizing your DAO.

Your idea

We are open to collaborating on any custom feature you need.



We have an exciting vision for the future of this platform. We wanted to focus on enhancing the functionality and user experience.

Phase 1

  • Initial development of smart contracts
  • DAO management platform PoC
  • First governance strategies

Phase 2

  • Documentation
  • Litepaper
  • Proposal creation and voting integration

Phase 3

  • Private Beta launch on testnet
  • Undisclosed voting integration

Phase 4

  • Public Beta launch on testnet
  • Tokenomics
  • Whitepaper

Phase 5

  • Public launch on testnet
  • Custom governance strategies

Phase 6

  • Software Development Kit
  • Treasury management
  • Off-chain voting

Become a part of our ecosystem

Join us in building the future of decentralized autonomous organizations on Dotsama ecosystem.


Read more about plans, solutions, and technicalities in the Syncra Litepaper.


Find everything from a user guide to our architecture within our comprehensive documentation.

A Global Community

Learn more about Syncra, chat with the team, others in the community,
and have your say in shaping the future of Syncra.

Frequently Asked Questions

You still haven't found a solution to your question? Examine our documentation, litepaper, or join our community on discord, and ask on #general.

What is Syncra?

Syncra is a tool for creating DAOs on-chain in a few simple steps. It provides a no-code solution for your ecosystem.

What is the main problem Syncra aims to solve?
How does Syncra ensure data availability and accessibility for DAOs?
Who is behind project?