Keep Your DAO Connected with Syncra Bot

Keep Your DAO Connected with Syncra Bot image

Introduction to Syncra Discord bot

If you’ve set up your DAO on Syncra and have a big decision that needs a vote, remember: not everyone always checks for updates. Your most enthusiastic followers usually hang out on platforms like Discord or Telegram.

That’s why we developed the Syncra Bot for Discord (and soon for Telegram too). It’s a cool tool designed to ensure information about your DAO gets directly to your community, where they chat and hang out. This article explains why keeping your community in the loop with regular updates is important and how you can easily get the Syncra Bot working for your server.

The importance of DAO notifications

  • More involvement: Telling users about what’s happening, like votes or events, gets them to pitch in and stay informed.
  • Quick heads-up: When you share the news right when it happens, everyone can react on the spot, keeping the vibe lively.
  • Building trust: Being upfront with updates on Discord shows you’re all about transparency, which helps build trust.
  • Keeping everyone hooked: Regular news keeps people interested and wanting to stick around for what’s next.

Example scenario: a DAO voting notification

Consider a DAO preparing for a pivotal vote. The Syncra Discord Bot sends a notification in the designated channel, giving everyone a heads-up to discuss the proposal. This way, lots of people get involved, sparking good conversations and ensuring everyone can give a vote.

Setting up the Syncra bot

  1. Inviting the bot to your server: Access the bot invite link provided on the Syncra platform or via the direct link. Follow the prompts to add the Syncra Discord Bot to your server.
  2. Configuring the bot: With the bot added, utilize slash commands for straightforward setup. Simply type / with the necessary parameters in a text channel. Discord Bot setup
  3. Enjoying real-time notifications: Once configured, the bot will confirm a successful setup. Your community is now set to receive live updates. Discord Bot notifications

Support and troubleshooting

Do you encounter an issue or have a question? Check the detailed instructions in our docs or ask us for help on our Discord support channel — we are always ready to assist.

Start notifying your community now

The Syncra Bot is a step forward in making DAO communities more involved, open, and quick to respond. With instant updates, every member keeps up with what’s happening and gets into the group decision-making.

Thanks for picking Syncra to make your DAO experience on Discord even better. Let’s work together to shape the future of how we all connect and make decisions in our decentralized world.

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