The Inspiring Journey of Syncra

The Inspiring Journey of Syncra image

Announcing Syncra on the Aleph Zero ecosystem

From hackathon to 1500 onboarded users.

In the spirit of the upcoming mainnet launch, it’s a perfect moment to share the compelling journey behind Syncra — the first DAO management platform in the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

Syncra’s genesis: from HackOnChain to the mainnet

Syncra, initially known as zkVote or LiberumDAO, was born out of a successful stint at the HackOnChain hackathon during the Next Block Expo in November 2022. Our enduring mission is to enhance the Aleph Zero protocols by easing the complexities of contract development and offering no-code tools for intuitive interactions. With Syncra, protocols can in the near future establish their DAOs swiftly and start leveraging them instantly.

Platform view

Our solution, built on the Aleph Zero framework, offers an innovative way to manage DAOs efficiently. The main aim is to streamline the setup and management of DAOs, making it possible to do so quickly, often in just minutes. We’re committed to providing an exceptional user experience in the DAO market.

This platform allows for customization according to specific needs, with various features available as easy-to-integrate modules. A key feature of our solution is its emphasis on privacy, particularly through the implementation of anonymous voting, ensuring a secure and private decision-making process.

Decoding DAOs

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are at the forefront of blockchain innovation. These organizations don’t have the usual management layers and operate on their own on the blockchain using smart contracts. These contracts automatically make decisions based on pre-established rules. In DAOs, everyone who holds tokens has a say in decision-making, making the process more democratic. This system offers a new way of influence and making choices. DAOs are changing the way organizations are structured, creating communities where coding and working together lead to a new era.

Overcoming challenges: the road to mainnet

Starting a part-time startup is really challenging. It means juggling a regular job and working on a project you’re passionate about. We faced this tough situation and succeeded. Launching our public beta testnet was a big step forward and made us more confident about our future. Our initial idea for Syncra has changed a lot.

As part of our journey in developing this platform, we realized the importance of understanding DAOs deeply to ensure our platform aligns with user needs. Our commitment to learning and improvement is ongoing. We’re continuously enhancing our platform by resolving existing issues and introducing new features to simplify the user experience.

Platform view now

We’re excited to announce that the launch of our main product, the mainnet, is tentatively scheduled between the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third quarter of 2024. This launch is a significant milestone for us and, we hope, for you too.

To further ensure the quality and security of our platform, we have preliminarily scheduled an audit. This step is crucial for maintaining the highest standards. Additionally, we’re about to start collaborating with a design studio to enhance our platform’s designs and overall user perception. This collaboration aims to not only refine the aesthetics but also to improve the functionality and user interaction, making sure that the platform is not only robust and secure but also user-friendly and visually appealing. These initiatives are part of our ongoing efforts to deliver a top-notch product in the DAO space.

Your opportunity awaits at the next hackathon

Hackathons are an excellent platform for blockchain enthusiasts to test and refine their ideas. Build it, ship it, and if it resonates, you might just see your concept turn into a fully functional product. The Aleph Zero team is an exemplary partner in this journey. At Syncra, our experiences with AZERO.ID are prime examples of how a project born from a hackathon can evolve into a substantial business.

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